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Created by Connection Design Engineers for Connection Design Engineers
The author, Alfredo Boracchini, is SCS team leader
Our team leader is the author of the book above, check out the flyer here
Steel Studio Inc.
775 Pleasant St. - Ste 5
East Weymouth, MA 02189 - USA
If you want to SKYPE with us for answers and help (we can even share screens for a quick demonstration), please look for 'SCS-support'. Otherwise email
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Some info about the demo

  • the demo cannot be used for commercial or acadamic purposes
  • steel members larger than 10''=254mm or deeper than 14.2''=361mm cannot be input; if members exceeding the values are input, the exceeding dimensions are reduced to the imposed limit
  • a maximum of 25 calculation reports can be generated
  • files cannot be saved; the sketch will have 'Demo' written on it and can't be printed
  • the demo is only valid for 90 days; days are consecutive and start from day of installation
  • other than the above limitations, what you see is what you get if you buy the full version (standards and languages limited to purchasing options)
  • if you want to have 7 extra days to evaluate demo after it's expired, please send e-mail to us with your request, thanks!
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